COVID-19 Updates: Educational resources

UPDATE 5/19/20 Candidly, there are some gaps in the reopening plan, including how it will be enforced.  There is also a major gap on the issue of childcare. What is a parent with a school-age child supposed to do if they are expected to return to work soon? Childcare centers in the state are closed until June 29th, while emergency childcare centers have space for more children, but they do not have equal availability across the state. In addition, for business owners, the process that determined which sectors are designated for the various phases has been opaque and some of the places that will be permitted to open as soon as next week are businesses that may have difficulty fully complying with necessary standards. I have communicated my concerns to the Baker Administration as have some of my colleagues and we must carefully follow all developments. 

While a difficult and disruptive decision, it was no doubt made with the best public health information in mind. And so the Governor has decided to close all public and private schools through the end of the school year and non-essential childcare programs are also closed until June 29th. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) will be issuing updated remote learning guidelines soon. The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (DHE) is deferring scheduled repayments for its No-Interest Loan Program for student loans for four months. Check the DESE website for forthcoming updates on distance learning:
and check the DHE website for information on student loan deferment:

In conjunction with the additional period of school closures, state Education Commissioner Riley provided guidance found here:

Now is a good time for families to take advantage of the online educational resources offered to students through the Robbins (Arlington), Belmont and Cambridge public library websites.
For access, please visit:

For more information, click here.

Resources for Educating Children at Home:

Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Mental Health Resources
Supporting Families During COVID-19 (Child Mind Institute)

SEL Resources for Parents, Educators & School Communities Related to COVID-19 (Inside SEL)

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus (New York Times)

Remote Learning

Free tools, strategies, tips and best practices for teaching online (Learning Keeps Going)  

Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing (Scholastic)

Free curriculum for keeping kids engaged (TERC)

List of Best Educational Videos, Shows, and Podcasts (Fordham Institute)

Tips for making this time more meaningful and less stressful for educators and kids (Center for Collaborative Education)

How parents can keep kids busy (and learning) in quarantine (The Atlantic)

Free online tools and classes (American Federation of Teachers)

WGBH Distance Learning Center

For more information, click here.

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