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Ensuring Quality, Adequate, and Affordable Housing For All

For those of us who live in the Greater Boston area, we are fortunate to have a remarkably interesting place to call home. Many outstanding universities; arguably the leading center for medicine in the entire United States; a high tech

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MBTA Update

Route 2/Alewife Working Group – Share Your Thoughts Recently, several other legislators and I have joined together to create a Route 2/Alewife working group. We intend to find solutions to address concerns about congestion and transit issues on Route 2

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Environmental Update: Reducing Our Use of Plastics

As many of us know, our everyday use of plastics is damaging our environment at an alarming rate. Plastic waste contributes significantly to pollution in Massachusetts. The more plastic we use, the more we continue to pollute our land and

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Protecting Immigrant Families and Children in Massachusetts

I want to inform you of my efforts this legislative session pertaining to the issue of immigration. While under the “doctrine of preemption”, most law and policy pertaining to immigration is made at the federal level, we do have a

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Face Recognition and Biometric Surveillance

In recent years, there have been growing concerns about how we can balance the need for enhanced security to keep communities safe, while at the same time protecting privacy and freedom. Americans are becoming increasingly worried about how developing biometric

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Moving Toward a Sustainable Future

Now more than ever, it is essential that we develop an effective strategy to address climate change and transition our economy to sustainable sources of energy. Like many of you, I have watched with dismay and disbelief at the federal

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Landmark Education Legislation Released from Committee!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” And his words of wisdom have rung true through the ages. Studies uniformly demonstrate that few investments yield more benefits to an individual, and to society as a whole,

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Letter on Behalf of the Arlington State Delegation about the Debt Exclusion Vote

Since Arlington began its application process to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) over five years ago, we have supported Arlington’s bid for funding for a new high school. Arlington is now taking its final step in the process, voting

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The Way We Spend Reflects Who and What We Value – Rep. Rogers’ Thoughts on the FY2017 Budget

The process of crafting Massachusetts’ budget began in January with the Governor’s budget proposal. The House is now developing its budget, to be followed by the Senate’s budget deliberations and ultimately a conference committee to resolve differences between the two.

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2013/2014 Legislative Session Roundup

I am pleased to report that we have passed a number of pieces major legislation to help move our Commonwealth forward during the 2013/2014 legislative session. The Legislature’s ability to act boldly on these important initiatives is particularly notable in

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