Phyl Solomon honored as unsung heroine

Phyl Solomon Wins Unsung Heroine Award

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 BOSTON – State Representative Dave Rogers was honored this month to have the opportunity to nominate Phyl Solomon as the 2013 Unsung Heroine from the 24th Middlesex District.  Phyl has spent many years as a quiet but firm leader on environmental and intergenerational issues in Belmont.  A teacher and a garden builder, Phyl leads classes at the Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary that bring young and old together.  Her involvement in the construction of the Beech Street Senior Center helped to get the project off the ground.  It was her insistence that the right way to build was the only way to build that resulted in the building earning a Leeds Certification.  Phyl was instrumental in putting a courtyard in the Chenery Middle School, and served many terms on the Belmont Council on Aging.  Finally, Phyl’s house has long been a hub for town discussion, where problems are solved while cookies are eaten.

Phyl came to the statehouse on Monday, April 28th to receive this honor along with 82 other “unsung heroines” from around the Commonwealth.  At the ceremony, each heroine was recognized individually as her name and accomplishments were read and she was applauded.  It was a wonderful afternoon where recognition was paid to so many women whose contributions to their communities cannot be overstated.


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