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  1. Maddy Webster says:

    Why is there no info in the July newsletter explaining Rep Rogers change of position or giving information on the very high profile Marijuana Legalization process. He is a member of the Marijuana Legalization Committee & has previously taken a leadership role on this issue. After the legislature refused to act on MJ decriminalize, medical, or legalization for 30 years voters approved all 3 by ballot. I have heard Rep Rogers speak at several Unitarian organized Criminal Justice Conferences along with Sens Brownsberger & Donnelly in support of Legalization. In addition Rep Rogers was the lead sponsor of the Legalization bill which was very similar to Ballot Q4. I was shocked to see that Rep Rogers voted ‘yes’ on the House bill last week — a complete rewrite of Q4, disrespecting the will of the voters on this issue. An explanation is in order. This is an opportunity as Committe co-chair Sen Jehlen has eloquently & wisely said to replace a billion dollar untaxed & unregulated market with with a regulated approach that works. If done badly high taxes and few stores (allowing local elected officials decide) will perpetuate the underground market & police/arrests & this will remain a mess for decades.

    • Dave Rogers says:

      Maddy – Thanks for your message. I am glad we were able to connect and discuss this in detail. The conference committee is negotiating differences between the House and Senate and I am cautiously optimistic that the final bill will be a reasonable compromise that advances the goals we share.

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